New Paths to Inclusion Network

Publié : 03.02.2014
New Paths to Inclusion network

Julie Lunt – Training and Development Consultant

I have recently been involved in a Sensing Event with APEMH in Luxembourg. Liz De Pourq and the team worked really hard to involve the people using the service and their families in a questionnaire to find out what they think about APEMH and how they would like their lives to be.They are looking at the responses in the photo. It gave us really great material to think deeply about the direction they were going in and at times was very intense and emotional.

The Sensing Event is part of the NPI programme using the model of Theory U. The questionnaire highlighted for us, the importance of involving people from all parts of the organisation so we really understand what people think and are not just assuming because we believe we know. The feedback from the APEMH team is that this was really helpful to them and they plan to think more about how they can involve people who use their service.